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Serguei Vinogradov Ph.D. 


Serguei Vinogradov, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Center for Drug Delivery and Nanomedicine

and Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

College of Pharmacy


Campus address:

Durham Research Center, Room # 1040

985830 Nebraska Medical Center

Omaha, NE 68198-5830

Tel: (402) 559-9362

Fax: (402) 559-9365



Teaching Activities:


Graduate Program’s Course PHSC-845: Quantitative Pharmaceutical Sciences – fall semesters 2002 and 2003 and also supervising Current Topics in the Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biological section 2004(PHSC960).

Research Activities/ Interests:
  • Design of Polymeric Delivery Systems for Nucleic Acids and Antisense Oligonucleotides;

  • Nanogels as Drug Delivery Systems;

  • Polymer Chemistry and Post-Synthetic Modifications of the Polymer Carriers;

  • Antisense Oligonucleotides and Their Active Derivatives;

  • Chemistry of Antiviral and Anticancer Nucleoside Inhibitors;

  • Cancer/Tissue Specific Drug Targeting;

  • PCR Diagnostics.


Recent Publications:


1.      Vinogradov S, Roig V, Sergueeva Z, Nguyen CH, Arimondo P, Thuong NT, Bisagni E, Sun JS, Helene C, Asseline U (2003). Synthesis and binding properties of oligo-2’-deoxyribonucleotides conjugated with triple-helix-specific intercalators: bezo[e] and benzo[g] pyridoindoles. Bioconjug. Chem. 14: 120-135.

2.      Ochietti, B, Lemieux, P, Kabanov, Vinogradov SV, St-Pierre, Y, Alakhov, VY (2002). Inducing neutrophil recruitment in the liver of ICAM-1-deficient mice using polyethyleneimine grafted with Pluronic P123 as an organ-specific carrier for transgenic ICAM-1. Gene Ther. 9: 939-945.

3.      Gebhart CL, Sriadibhatla S, Vinogradov S, Lemieux P, Alakhov V, Kabanov AV (2002). Design and formilation of polyplexes based on Pluronic-polyethylenimine conjugates for gene transfer in prostate cancer cells. Bioconjug. Chem. 13: 937-944.

4.      Ochietti, B, Guerin, N, Vinogradov SV, St-Pierre, Y, Lemieux, P, Kabanov, AV, Alakhov, VY (2002). Altered organ accumulation of oligonucleotides using polyethyleneimine grafted with poly(ethylene oxide) or Pluronic as carriers.   J Drug Target 10(2): 113-121.

5.      Vinogradov SV, Bronich TK, Kabanov AV (2002). Nanosized cationic hydrogels for drug delivery: preparation, properties and interactions with cells. Adv Drug Deliv Rev 54: 135-147.

6.      Bronich TK, Vinogradov SV, Kabanov AV (2001). Interaction of nanosized copolymer networks with oppositely charged amphiphilic molecules. Nano Lett. 1(10):535-540.

7.      Nguyen HK, Lemieux P, Vinogradov SV, Gebhart CL, Guerin N, Paradis G, Bronich TK, Alakhov VY, Kabanov AV (2000). Evaluation of polyether-polyethyleneimine graft copolymers as gene transfer agents. Gene Ther. 7(2): 126-38.

8.      Roy S, Zhang K, Roth T, Vinogradov S, Kao RS, Kabanov A (1999). Reduction of fibronectin expression by intravitreal administration of antisense oligonucleotides. Nature Biotech. 17: 476-479.

9.    Vinogradov S, Batrakova E, Shu Li, Kabanov A (1999). Polyion complex micelles with protein-modified corona for receptor-mediated delivery of oligonucleotides into cells. Bioconjug Chem. 10: 851-860.