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At this site you can view our selected presentations

A.V. Kabanov  "Special delivery drugs" Click to view

In April 2001, UNMC's Mini-Medical School presented “Genes & Chips: Combining New Science, New Technology for a Healthier Tomorrow.” The series discussed new ways of diagnosing and preventing disease through the merging of computer science, engineering and medicine. In this presentation Sasha emphasized on how researchers are developing new drug delivery systems that will act like magic bullets.

A.V. Kabanov  "Polymer Genomics"    Click to view hspace=0Click to listen

6th International Symposium on Polymer Therapeutics: From Laboratory to Clinical Practice. January 7-9, 2004, The Welsh School of Pharmacy, Cardiff University


K. Cowan "The War on Cancer – 30 years later",
A.V. Kabanov "New Drug Developments"

and A.M. Berger "Research in Symptom Management" Click to view

UNMC Mini-medical School Original Event Date : April 5, 2005

Since the "War on Cancer" was declared more than 30 years ago, there have been incredible advances in cancer detection, prevention and treatment. The University of Nebraska Medical Center has been on the leading edge of those advances with breakthrough research and therapy developments.

A.V. Kabanov  "Polymer Nanomaterials for Drug Delivery"   Click to view
AAPS Webinar Original Event Date : Friday, February 29, 2008
A new generation of polymer therapeutics has emerged which uses self-assembling nanomaterials for delivery of drugs, genes, and imaging molecules. Examples include polymer micelles, nanogels and block ionomer complexes that entrap small drugs or biopolymers (DNA, proteins) and are designed to release these agents at the target site. Application of these materials in therapies of cancer and neurodegenerative disorders will be discussed along with new pharmacogenomic considerations.